The Genesis account of creation continues as a central unifying theme throughout the Bible. Written over a period of more than 1,500 years, twenty-six of the books in the Bible connect directly to the Genesis account of creation.


WebChris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates in his  bar graph more than 63,000 connecting links in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, none of which gives credence to the theory of evolution. Book by book connections to the Genesis account of creation are available with the drop-down menu.

The Genesis account of creation is central to comprehending the origin and history of life, the universe and, more importantly, the authority and super-natural power and character of God over time, space, and matter. Even the concept of a seven-day week originates from the seven days of creation.

For many, however, Genesis stands as an insurmountable dilemma since a scientific explanation for the existence of the universe remains an undeniable, yet unexplainable, ex nihilo super-natural event. The Genesis account is unlimited by any known natural or mathematical cause and effect formula.

Yet, even knowing that the origin of the first cell exceeds the statistical probabilistic resources of the universe, recent attempts to reconcile the Bible with evolution are still as popular today as when The Origin of Species was published more than 150 years ago.

Progressive Creationism Theology Snags

Hugh Ross, founder of Reasons To Believe, along with Francis Collins, past director of the Human Genome Project and founder of the Biologos Forum, have spearheaded the twenty-first version of the movement. The movement is often referred to as  progressive creationism.  Progressive creationism, however, is a scientific, statistical, and theological catastrophe.

Throughout the entirety of the forty-four books of Bible, there is not a single inference to any concept of evolution. More significantly, the theory of evolution negates the theological tenets of the Bible, specifically the essential character of God. Progressive creationism, also known as old Earth creationism or theistic evolution, embraces the theory of an original single cell somehow evolving into humans over hundreds of millions of years through a process of the “survival of the fittest.”

Charles Darwin was the first to popularize “survival of the fittest” as the mechanism for evolution – an unguided process of “extinction and natural selection.” Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson captured the essence of Darwin’s bloody theory in the now infamous phrase –

“Nature, red in tooth and claw”

According to progressive creationism and Darwin, humans originated from a brutal, bloody, and deadly process of evolution. By contrast, at the completion of the Genesis account of creation everything was “very good” –

“God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.”

For Darwin and progressive creationism to be true, then, the Bible must be wrong and God must be a liar since –

  • Brutality existed from the beginning – not “very good”
  • Death existed before the first human – not “very good”
  • Death did not originate with Adam’s fall – not “very good”
  • Therefore, God authored death – not “very good”

Evolution is incompatible with the character of a loving God.

Evolution Scientific Snags

Just as biological evolution is theologically irreconcilable with the Bible, evolution is scientifically irreconcilable with the explosion of scientific advances of the twentieth century. Darwin’s missing transitional links in 1859 continue as the Achilles heel of the evolution industry even into the twenty-first century. Contrary to the theory of evolution, the physical evidence demonstrates a mosaic pattern of nature, not a continuous pattern of “innumerable” transitional links as  advanced by the elitist evolution industry in the popular media.

A cohesive theory of evolution remains even more elusive today as it was when The Origin of Species was published. Application of technological advances into paleontology, embryology, molecular biology, and genetics over the past 150 years has destroyed, rather than supported, Darwin’s infamous “tree of life” theory. Amazingly, despite the availability of enormous scientific evidence, twenty-first century evolutionary scientists are even more divided over a cohesive  theory of evolution.

The rate extinction, not evolution, is what dominates observable evidence today and undermines Darwin’s theory of evolution. Extinction is light-years faster than the production of any new kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, or even new species. Since January 2000, more than 500,000 species are estimated to have gone extinct. Conservation International estimates “some 5 to 50% of species are predicted to face extinction… between 2000 and 2050.” The Center for Biological Diversity, estimates

“we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day.”

Probability statistics is no friend of evolution, either. The probability of life’s simplest organism developing by chance is now known to exceed the probabilistic resources of the life of the universe. Any known natural mechanism to increase biologically reproductive information continues to eludes scientists. Increasingly, biological evolution is emerging only as a hypothesis, not as a theory.

In the same way that Hydrogen is distinct and unique from it’s nearest element, Helium, everything in nature is distinct and unique–not related to some unknown ancestral transitional series of intermediates. More importantly, along-side diminishing scientific evidence not a single phrase or sentence in the Bible gives any credence to the concept of evolution.

While evolution was once a theory in crisis, now the theory of evolution is in crisis without even a theory. Evolution exists only as a philosophy, not as a science. As cytogeneticist Antonio Lima-de-Faria, decorated by the Swedish king as “Knight of the Order of the North Star” for his discoveries on the molecular organization of the chromosome, declared –

“There has never been a theory of evolution.”

Science Encounters Theology

The scientific evidence is compatible with the following declarations –

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”     John 1:1-5

Scientific community recognizes the importance of these truths. Bernd-Olaf Kűppers, Director of the Frege Centre for Structural Sciences, in Germany declares,

“The problem of the origin of life is clearly basically equivalent to the problem of the origin of biological information.”

The Bible answers evolution’s glaring “the origin of biological information” problem since the “Word” was “in the beginning.” There are no known alternatives. Life in the original garden was “very good”—not “red in tooth and claw.”

The “very good,” though, was destroyed by the actions of one man, Adam, destroying what God designed for good. God has since promised a very good life in a New World for everyone willing to walk through His open door.


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