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Origin of Life in a Knot

Blaber, MichaelA research team lead by Michael Blaber at Florida State University College of Medicine recently reported advances on overcoming the obstacles in understanding a proposed natural mechanism for the origin of life on Earth.

The team produced data to advance the theory that amino acids can form proteins autonomously plus fold autonomously through some self-assembly process. Proteins function biologically only after their long chain of amino acids has been folded into a specific molecular structure. Fold-ability is essential for function.

While the team’s approach aligns with Charles Darwin’s “warm little pond” theory, Blaber’s evidence undermines the more popular “RNA-first” origin of life theory.

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The Origin of Life Cul-de-sac

Life originated in “a warm little pond” was Charles Darwin private answer to the larger challenge of how did life began in a letter to Joseph J. Hooker. How, where and when did the first species get started? A defendable natural process to the origin of life question, however, completely escaped Darwin.

Without a natural process, Darwin was forced to embrace a supernatural process for the origin of life. On this issue, Darwin was forced to reject atheism. In his autobiography, Darwin explains why the “mystery of the beginning” was his reason for becoming an agnostic – Continue Reading

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