William Herschel


Biographical Sketch of William Herschel Hersschel, William

Frederick William Herschel, an English astronomer and composer of German origin, and brother of Caroline Herschel, with whom he worked. Born in the Electorate of Hanover, Herschel followed his father into the Military Band of Hanover, before migrating to Great Britain in 1757 at the age of nineteen.

Born in Germany, 1738-1822
Discovered Uranus, Infrared Radiation, First President of the Royal Astronomical Society, coined the term “Asteroids”

Co-Founder and President of Royal Astronomical Society


Copley Medal, 1821
Royal Metal, 1836 & 1840

Herschel’s Declarations

“The undevout astronomer must be mad.”

“The difference was occasioned by an exclamation of the First Consul’s, who asked in a tone of exclamation or admiration (when we were speaking of the extent of the sidereal heavens) ‘and who is the author of all this.’ M. de La Place wished to shew that a chain of natural causes would account for the construction and preservation of the wonderful system; this the First Consul rather opposed. Much may be said on the subject; by joining the arguments of both we shall be led to ‘Nature and Nature’s God.’

“Time! Time! Time! — we must not impugn the Scripture Chronology, but we must interpret it in accordance with whatever shall appear on fair inquiry to be the truth for there cannot be two truths.”

William Herschel





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