Nicholas Stenonius


Stenonus, Nicholas

Biographical Sketch of Nicholas Stenonius

Nicolas Stenonius, a pioneer in both anatomy and geology, questioned popular idea that fossils grew in the ground and the origin of rock formations. His investigations and his subsequent conclusions on fossils and rock formation have led scholars to consider him one of the founders of modern stratigraphy and modern geology.

Born in Copenhagen, 1631-1686
Founder of Modern Geology

Stenonius’ Declarations

“In regard to the time of the universal deluge, secular history is not at variance with sacred history.”

“We learn from Holy Scripture that all things, both when Creation began and at the time of the Flood, have been covered with waters.”

“Throughout his life, Steno considered his investigations of the wonders of God’s creation to be a Christian responsibility: ‘One sins against the majesty of God by being unwilling to look into nature’s own works.”

“But in order that no one may be alarmed by the novelty of my view, in a few words I shall set forth the agreement of Nature with Scripture by reviewing the chief difficulties which can be urged regarding the different aspects of the earth.”

Nicolas Stenonius


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