Carolus Linnaeus



Biographical Sketch of Carolus Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, formalized the modern system of naming organisms called binomial nomenclature.

Born in Sweden, 1770-1778
Founder of the modern scheme of species classification, recognized as the father of modern ecology

The Linnean Society of London was founded on his name. Linnaeus has appeared on numerous Swedish postage stamps and banknotes

Linnaeus’s Declarations

“The Earth’s creation is the glory of God, as seen from the works of Nature by Man alone.”

“All the species recognized by Botanists came forth from the Almighty Creator’s hand, and the number of these is now and always will be exactly the same, while every day new and different florists’ species arise from the true species so-called by Botanists, and when they have arisen they finally revert to the original forms. Accordingly to the former have been assigned by Nature fixed limits, beyond which they cannot go: while the latter display without end the infinite sport of Nature.”

“Live innocently; God is here.”

“I well know what a spendidly great difference there is [between] a man and a bestia when I look at them from a point of view of morality. Man is the animal which the Creator has seen fit to honor with such a magnificent mind and has condescended to adopt as his favorite and for which he has prepared a nobler life; indeed, sent out for its salvation his only son; but all this belongs to another forum; it behooves me like a cobbler to stick to my last, in my own workshop, and as a naturalist to consider man and his body, for I know scarcely one feature by which man can be distinguished from apes, if it be not that all the apes have a gap between their fangs and their other teeth, which will be shown by the results of further investigation.”

“The Earth’s creation is the glory of God, as seen from the works of nature by man alone. The study of nature would reveal the Divine order of God’s creation, and it was the naturalists task to construct a ‘natural Classification’ that would reveal this order in the universe.”

“One is completely stunned by the resourcefulness of the Creator.”

“I saw the infinite, all-knowing and all-powerful God from behind.… I followed His footsteps over nature’s fields and saw everywhere an eternal wisdom and power, an inscrutable perfection.” –

“Nature makes no jumps.” [Natura non facit saltus]

“Botany is based on fixed genera.”

Carolus Linnaeus





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