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The Mystery of Species

 Platypus Mystery of Species

Greek philosophers are thought to be the first to begin classifying living things. The story behind the word species (Greek εἶδος) began with Plato.

Building on Plato, Aristotle used genus (γένος) and species as philosophical categories. A genus was a category and a species was a subcategory of a genus. At the time, the two terms were just as often applied to inanimate things as to living ones. Then, as now, the term has continued as a mystery looking for a definition.

Charles Darwin agonized over the longstanding problem of the term. In The Origin of Species, Darwin wrote, “… of the term species. No one definition has satisfied all naturalists.”

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We Shouldn’t Be Here

Higgs Boson

We Shouldn’t Be Here

After spending more than $6 billion on constructing the particle collider in western Europe, known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), to unravel the greatest mysteries in physics, the evidence is seemingly pointing to one astounding fact – “the universe shouldn’t exist.”

Physicists Peter Higgs and François Englert, working on the most expensive experiment in the history of science, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the long sought after Higgs boson or Higgs particle, which is pivotal to the Standard Model of physics, in 2012. While the evidence continues to validate the existence of the particle, ironically the evidence may unravel the Big Bang theory for the origin of the universe.
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Darwin, Then and Now is a journey through the most amazing story in the history of science - the history of evolution. The book encapsulates who Darwin was, what he said, and what scientists have discovered since the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859.

With over 1,000 references, Darwin Then and Now is a historical chronicle of the rise and fall of the once popular theory of biological evolution.