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Evangelist Stumps Evolution Elite

Evolution Vs God

Evangelist Stumps Evolution Elite

A young earth evangelist stumps evolution elite using simple questions. Amazingly, leading university professors actually turn common anti-creation arguments back against evolution in a new video entitled Evolution Vs. God.  

Jovial quick-witted Ray Comfort, a New Zealand born southern Californian street evangelist, turned the infamous claim that “faith is the great cop-out, the excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate the evidence” of ardent evolution atheist Richard Dawkins to demonstrate that the essence of evolution is a philosophy, not a scientific fact.

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Darwin Zealot’s Reign of Terror

Darwin Zealot

Darwin Zealot’s Reign of Terror

The zealot-side of the Darwin lobby emerged with a reign of terror following the public announcement of British writer Jane Austen (1775-1817) scheduled replacement of Charles Darwin (1812-1882) on the British 10 pound note. Darwin started to appear on the 10 pound note in 2000.

Austen will join nurse Florence Nightingale starting in 1975 on the 10 pound note and prison reformer Elizabeth Fry starting in 2002 on the 5 pound note as the third women to appear on a British banknote since historical figures began featuring on paper money in the 1970s.

On July 24, the Bank of England announced removing Charles Darwin from the British 10 pound note beginning in 2017. Shortly after the announcement, the supporters of the change were bombarded with rape and death threats – the vast majority came via Twitter.

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Darwin, Then and Now is a journey through the most amazing story in the history of science - the history of evolution. The book encapsulates who Darwin was, what he said, and what scientists have discovered since the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859.

With over 1,000 references, Darwin Then and Now is a historical chronicle of the rise and fall of the once popular theory of biological evolution.