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Natural Selection, Searching for Significance

Natural Selection - ExtinctionIn the same way Isaac Newton discovered the laws of motion and gravity, Charles Darwin launched his pursuit to discover the laws of biological evolution. After decades of searching and studying, Darwin eventually proposed his law of evolution – “natural selection.”

Natural selection soon emerged as the cornerstone law of evolution following the publication of the first edition of The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in November 1859. Natural selection stands as the fundamental tenet of Darwin’s theory of evolution, popularly known as Darwinism. But, what in natural selection – really?

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Coelacanth Fish Genome Undermines Evolution Industry

Coelacanth Genome ProjectThe long-awaited genome analysis for one of the most infamous fish in evolution history, the coelacanth, was published last week by lead scientists Chris T. Amemiya of University of Washington, and Jessica Alföldi from MIT and Harvard in the prestigious journal Nature.  

The coelacanth, first described in 1839 by Louis Agassiz at Harvard University, has played a pivotal role in the history of evolution. Based on the early fossil evidence, the coelacanth had long been thought to be an extinct evolutionary link in the transition between the fish and amphibians, also known as tetrapods. The coelacanth was touted as a fin-to-limb transition link.

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Origin of Life in a Knot

Blaber, MichaelA research team lead by Michael Blaber at Florida State University College of Medicine recently reported advances on overcoming the obstacles in understanding a proposed natural mechanism for the origin of life on Earth.

The team produced data to advance the theory that amino acids can form proteins autonomously plus fold autonomously through some self-assembly process. Proteins function biologically only after their long chain of amino acids has been folded into a specific molecular structure. Fold-ability is essential for function.

While the team’s approach aligns with Charles Darwin’s “warm little pond” theory, Blaber’s evidence undermines the more popular “RNA-first” origin of life theory.

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Darwin Wrong, Again

Bart, Chris IIIn a survey of more than 600 board directors by lead researcher Chris Bart, professor of Strategic Market Leadership at the DeGroote School of Business of McMaster University in Canada, found women to perform better as corporate leaders than men.

Bart, along with Gregory McQueen, senior executive associate dean at Western University of Health Sciences in Arizona, published their results in the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics.

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Darwin, Then and Now is a journey through the most amazing story in the history of science - the history of evolution. The book encapsulates who Darwin was, what he said, and what scientists have discovered since the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859.

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