Breivik, a Darwinist

Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian right-wing extremist, confessed to be the perpetrator of the dual terrorist attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011. The attach included the bombing of government buildings in Oslo, causing eight deaths, and a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party on the island of Utøya, where he killed 69 people. Others are still missing.

In his 1518-page “European Declaration of Independence,” Breivik reveals himself as a champion of modern biology and the scientific worldview, listing The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin as one of his most “important” books. (p. 1407)

Social-darwinism was the norm before the 1950”, Breivik laments. “Back then, it was allowed to say what we feel. Now, however, we have to disguise our preferences to avoid the horrible consequences of being labeled as a genetical preferentialist.” (p. 1227)

According the Breivik, the “perfect Europe” includes the rule of Social Darwinism—the summation of “logic” and “rationalist thought.”

‘Logic’ and rationalist thought (a certain degree of national Darwinism) should be the fundament of our societies (p. 1386)

Brevivik aligns with Princeton University evolutionary biologist, Lee Silver, for a revival of eugenics, arguing that, “radical policies will have to be implemented” to reduce the human population by more than half, or 3.8 billion people. (p. 1202)

Using Darwin’s argument, “extinction and natural selection … go hand in hand”,  Breivik writes that if “second and third world countries” cannot curb their production of human offspring, “nature will correct their suicidal tendencies as they are unable to feed their populations.” (p. 1202)

Continuing the argument, Breivik argues that Western countries should not interfere in this natural process.

If starvation threatens the countries who have failed to follow our [population control] guidelines we should not support them by backing their corrupt leaders or send any form of aid.” (p. 1202) Indeed, “[f]ood aid to 3rd world countries must stop immediately as it is the primary cause of overpopulation.  (p. 1203)

While The New York Times was busy making the case that Breivik was a “Christian Extremist” on the front page, the informed world could see the hand writing on the wall: Breivik is a Darwinist—not a Christian.

John West, writing for the Evolution News and Views of Discovery Institute, in the article “The Professor and the Madman” details the re-emergence of the eugenics movement, now known as “reprogenetics”, as promoted by Breivik and Silver. Tragically, history will repeat itself, again, if the history of evolution is not known and exposed.

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