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Carl Wiman, the Peking man Discovery


The leading ScienceDaily Science News posted this week features the new findings from a Peking man canine tooth discovered in China during the 1920’s and laments that the fossilized tooth that had been sent to Carl Wiman in Sweden along with “40 cartons were left unopened and forgotten”—until now.

Early in the twentieth century, Carl Wiman (1867-1944), the first professor of paleontology at Uppsala University, the oldest university in Scandinavia founded in 1477, was a legend in the world of paleontology. Among his achievements, Wiman is recognized for his contributions in the naming of the extinct penguins Archaeospheniscus wimani and Palaeospheniscus wimani, the fossil turtle Dracochelys wimani, the ichthyosaur Wimanius and the sauropod dinosaur Borealosaurus wimani.

At issue, though, is why did Wiman leave the “40 cartons… unopened and forgotten”? Why have the Peking man fossils remained ”unopened and forgotten” at Uppsala University for over 80 years. Continue Reading

The Origin of Man Mystery

“It seemed to me sufficient to indicate, in the first edition of my ‘Origin of Species,’ that by this work “light would be thrown on the origin of man and his history;” and this implies that man must be included with other organic beings in any general conclusion respecting his manner of appearance on this earth.” Charles Darwin, 1872

Darwin envisioned man evolving into existence in the same way as animals. Since the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859, the hunt has been on to find all the missing “slight, successive” transitional links, especially the link from animal to man.

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Cambrian Explosion: Model of Extinction, Not Evolution


Gerd B Műller, one of the Altenberg-16 and Professor and Department Head Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna & Konrad Lorenz Institute, in the book entitled Evolution, the Extended Synthesis (2010) published by The MIT Press, explains today’s theoretical evolutionary problem with the evidence from the Cambrian Explosion—extinction, not evolution.

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Lynn Margulis Scatters the Evolution Industry


Lynn Margulis is an evolution industry insider. In fact, Margulis is on ground zero—once married to the late astronomer Carl Sagan, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for the book The Dragons of Eden: Speculations of the Evolution of Human Intelligence.

At the age of 14, Margulis began attending the University of Chicago. Since then, Margulis has been one of the most highly honored scientists for contributing to the development of theories for biological evolution. Continue Reading

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